I am a consulting Physician of 34 years standing

Cardiac diseases

These are fast becoming deadly killers in india. For any heart related problem, you can contact me.

High Blood Pressure.

High blood pressure or high BP as is commonly known, is a slilent killer. It is present in patients without their knowledge for years and is found accidently during a routine check up or when checking for some unrelated problem. This required a proper evalution and treatment which will be readly available from me.


India is a diabetes capital of the world & Gujarat is a diabetes capital of India. One of two patients of diabetes do not know what kind of diabetes they have & land up with up with complecations.


Rising levels of pollution have made more patients prone to Asthma. If prperly diagnosed treated they can live a normal life. Plese contact me for any Asthma or related problems.

Any other Medical Problem